Best Adult Paddle School In Minneapolis Near Me

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1. Paddle Share Station - Fridley

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· 14 reviews

200 W 48th St, Minneapolis, MN 55430

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Paddle Share Station: what do users think?

Andrea Rodriguez: What a great setup!! Very easy to use, great instructions. Very affordable too. We will be using this again and doing other routes!

Emil: This day will forever stay in my memory with my friends that took me there, kayaking route was magical and staff helpful.

Tony Brown: Friends and I rented some kayaks and had a blast just cruising down the river. Some things to note: it's not tubing, you have to paddle... Not aggressively or anything there's time to chill and explore if you want but you definitely can't just let the river take you down if you want to make it to the end in time. Also, you pick up from a locker but when you drop off it's humans waiting for you so, don't go over your time and make them wait for ya.

Paige E.: Such a good time! So easy to use and reasonably priced. They have thee best customer service too!!

Paul B: Amazing experience as the River is often empty. It is a little bit of a hassle to get your kayak down to the river but much less than brining your own. Pro tip: You can scooter your way back to your car stopping at Psycho Suzi’s for a fun date.

matt: Had a great time

Nicholas “Nick” Berry: First time doing the Paddle Share. There is public parking at the park and the Kayak Paddle Share is a short walk down the trail. There’s also a Nice Ride bicycle rack at the park which was how we got back from Boom Island Park. There’s a Nice Ride bicycle rack where we were able to rent bikes to ride back to our car.At North Mississippi Regional Park where the Paddle Share Station is, there are signs from the parking lot. Once there, use the code you received in after you reserved a kayak to access all rental equipment. From there, it’s a short carry down a a sandy embankment to the river. It was a quick trip down the Mississippi to Boom Island Park. You are allotted 3 hours, but it really only takes about 1-hour so enjoy paddle and take in the beautiful scenery with the Minneapolis skyline down river.

mike chilson: Super cool idea. Really easy to use.

Hallie Leonard: My boyfriend and I had the best time hanging with Jeff as he guided us down the Mississippi. As an introverted and shy person I was worried that it would be awkward hanging with a stranger for so long but Jeff made it so easy. He was also incredibly knowledgeable about the history and wildlife of the river so we learned so many interesting things. I would HIGHLY recommend this experience. Thanks Jeff and Paddleshare!!!!

pete murphy: Jeff took us down the Mississippi when the river was closed to unguided tours because we had traveled to Minneapolis from Rhode Island for my birthday. WE HAD THE BEST TIME. He was so knowledgable about the history of the area, the plants and animals, and the best local breweries. The owner of the company really went above and beyond for us. 6 star experience. Thanks guys!

Jesse Langanki: Great service, but cost is too high considering no transportation is included. Otherwise, would do this every weekend.

Joshua C. Alomar: Kayaks were great. Prices are great. Renting was easy.

Brian Niebler: My wife and I tried out paddleshare this summer. it was actually a lot of fun and way more affordable than renting kayaks at lake calhoun. You can rent online and paddle all the way down to Boom Island to drop them off. We then rented a bike from niceride station and rode back up to our car. Highly recommended if you're looking for an outdoor activity.

2. Minneapolis Community Education HQ - Minneapolis



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1250 W Broadway Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55411

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3. Paddle Share Return Station - Minneapolis

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· 1 reviews

Unnamed Road, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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4. PaddleSculpt - Minnehaha

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· 21 reviews

5007 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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PaddleSculpt: what do users think?

Charlie Loes: Full stop, NOKO STRENGTH is the gym in Minneapolis.

travis hutchins: Excellent boutique gym. Great strength training classes!

Yvonne Godber: Fantastic indoor rowing classes and community.

marian weidner: A wonderful, inclusive community with excellent coaches.

Lj Lepisto: I love the gym the members and the instructors! I am getting stronger week by week!

Keith Allen: Amazing gym! All the instructors are nice and helpful! Very friendly atmosphere!! 5 stars.

Nick Mehring: Dory rules.

Marie Pocock: Love this gym. Great community!!!

Ping Wang: excellent place for training. Dori is the best!

Annette Van Guilder: Love this gym. Great community.

Ashley Chitty: Great gym! All the instructors are super nice and helpful! Every workout can be adjusted for all skill levels! Very friendly atmosphere!!

Nick Casper: Positive atmosphere. Challenging workouts but scalable to every fitness level. Very nice bunch of people.

Jessie Carlson: Such a well thought out, and tough workout. All levels are challenged, and the environment is truly supportive and encouraging!
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5. Twin Cities Kayaking - Hamline-Midway

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· 153 reviews
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Twin Cities Kayaking: what do users think?

Emily S Rosenberg: We love hosting family activities through Twin Cities Kayaking. This is a great business that can teach you how to kayak and provide sightseeing tips. One trip down the Mississippi included 15 people, ages 9-79! Fantastic fun for all.For August’s moonlight kayak trip, we took 8 friends—all around 80 years old! Had a safe and spectacular paddle!

Matthew Kirchman: Fantastic experience. Decided to rent a couple kayaks on a whim, and ended up spending a lovely evening out on the water with the owners, Molly and John. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to spend some time on the Mississippi!

Amy Sheehan: Can’t say enough great things about Twin Cities Kayaking! John & Molly work their butts off to ensure the perfect experience. They provide great communication and are knowledgeable, experienced and fun! They provide community on the water and if you’re looking for an awesome experience, you’ll find it here!

Mark Bello: I really had a blast with John and the folks that went out on grey cloud channel. The heavy rain stopped just in time for our trip. the channel water was smooth as glass with no wind, some clouds kept us cool. we observed bald eagles, herons and egrets along the journey. lots of laughs and very relaxing. I recommend Twin Cities Kayaking and need to take another trip when I return to Minneapolis.

Kate Casserly: Five of us had a beautiful experience on ol' man river on a lovely summer day. John discussed history and nature while Molly snapped priceless photos of us in great spots along the river. Floating in Lock and dam #1 was especially fun.

Roee Hecht: Booked Twin Cities Kayaking for a kids camp. Both John & Molly were absolutely incredible. Punctual, patient with all the kids, and made sure everyone was safe and having fun!

Samantha Hanson: Molly and the Twin Cities Kayaking team was wonderful! They took care of every detail and we had a perfect day.

STEPHANIE: John and Molly are super hosts, encouraging to novice kayak operators and accommodating to our 10 y old, who with a timid and yet venturesome spirit was excited to make a stop at the Island of Peace, intrigued with the tree swing and the abandoned National Geographic metal detector.Initially, we were on the 3 mile Picnic and Paddle and then grew even more venturous, changed course, and took the 8 mile urban trip, Brooklyn Park to Boom Island.Our hosts fixed us with a tandem and a single; our son, initially excited to possess his own, happily switched spots after departing the islands. In the tandem, he relaxed to the dip, dip, and swing, the highlight being the HERON Rookery.At the end of our trip, we happened upon live music at the Aquatennial near Boom Island, a nice surprise in our urban setting, surrounded by quirky industrial sites and of course Psycho Suzi's.Thanks, Molly and John!

Matthew Daddio: Great value and very friendly service. Great group trip.

Amelie LaPlume: Everything was awesome! Molly and John were very good at communicating which made booking and the dropoff/pick up super easy. We chose the "See the city from the Mississippi" route and it was a great length with great scenery. Definitely recommend!!

Aaron Altscher: Had a blast out on the water with John and old friends. Highly recommend for larger groups who want a private tour experience!

Micki Diers: Wonderfully accommodating! Fantastic customer service!Can't wait to Kayak with them!

Brian Murphy: We had such an amazing experience on the Mississippi with Twin Cities Kayaking! We were in Minneapolis for just the weekend, and we were able to book a trip at the last minute, even at the end of their kayaking season.We met the owner, John at the boat launch in Brooklyn Park and to our surprise we were the only kayakers for the day. He would have had the day off, but knew we were in from out of town, so they made it happen. Wow!His partner, Molly was also VERY helpful with booking our trip and was extremely accommodating. Before starting our trip, John provided us with all of the essentials for a fun and safe trip including: life vests, safety tips, a detailed map, methods for launching the kayak, and paddling instructions, to name just a few. He's extremely knowledgeable and approachable with 40+ years of experience.The trip was approximately three hours long which was perfect for us, especially for being somewhat inexperienced. The views into Minneapolis towards the end of the trip are breathtaking and we were met my John and Molly at the pick-up area in Boom Island Park.We can't recommend Twin Cities Kayaking enough and we will definitely be taking another trip with them the next time we're in Minneapolis.THANK YOU!

James Parker: Had a great adventure kayaking with John and Molly down the Kinnickkinnick River on the 4th of July! Fun trip, excellent kayaks with super fun and knowledgeable guidance. They took care of everything we needed and everyone had a fantastic time! I look forward to joining them many more times!

Jennifer Schuetz Hadley: Great people who help others get out on the water!

Jingshu Guo: Great lesson and fun event. Highly recommend!

Virajita Singh: Thanks for an amazing guided kayaking experience last weekend! My very first paddle on a river/Mississippi - hope to join again sometime!

sheldon henderson: The staff was awesome! Everything was ready upon arrival, kayaks in great shape, and off we went to explore the river. Our guide took some amazing pictures of our group and helped us beginners navigate the river. He also had great knowledge of the Minneapolis area and river. Great day of kayaking!
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· 827 reviews

309 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454

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Midwest Mountaineering: what do users think?

Raymond Bissonnette: Been going there since 1970's. Great stuff and knowledgeable staff. Very sorry to have them close.

Maria Cornejo: Supersad they are closing

Wachen Anderson: Sad that they are closing.

Christina Frey: So sad to see such a great store leave. They always had great customer service that was above and beyond!

Joel Gardner: , I've been able to talk to the staff to prepare, find the right gear, and find a few deals in Thrifty Outfitters. The spring and fall expos were truly inspiring to see world class explorers and adventurers

Matt Moris: Best outdoors store ever! So sad to see you go!

John Hoy: Rented whitewater kayaks and paddled the rapids at Taylor's Falls. Great experience getting outfitted by the nice folks at Midwest Mountaineering!Thanks guys!

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