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Urban Tails Pet Supply K9SF Dog Training The Cat's Meow Grooming & Suites It's Training Cats and Dogs Your Dog's Best Friend City Paws Pet Club - Dog Daycare, Boarding, Training & Grooming The Canine Coach - South Minneapolis Lucky Paws Dog Training Twin Cities Obedience Training Club Woof Central Bark Busters

1. Urban Tails Pet Supply - Lowry Hill East

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· 380 reviews

2106 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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Urban Tails Pet Supply: what do users think?

Molly Andrews: The best place to buy pet supplies. I get a deal on canned food when I go there to shop but when I order delivery on a recurring order I also get a discount! Family owned and it really shows in the personable customer service and quality options. I’ll never go anywhere else!

Alexis J: Hands down the best pet supply store in Minnesota! I don’t live in the cities, but I always make a point to stop in when I’m in the area. Their selection of refrigerated pet food is awesome! My dog recently got spayed, and I stopped in to stock up on lick mats/enrichment for her to keep her occupied while on rest. They had so many types of mats, bowls, and toys to choose from, so we went ahead and got a good variety for her. Plus the folks who work here are the best (: 10/10 would recommend this shop to any and everyone!

Resting Frog: Veronica is sweet

Elise MR: They are so knowledgeable! I had lots of questions about some of the brushes and cat food they sell. I got all of my questions answered. I was treated so nicely. I'm definitely going to keep going back to them!

Abigail L Johnson: , and stopping by for a special treat with my fur baby in tow ☺️

urbanotter 1968: 👍 Sam the bunny helper was great

Steven Dee: Very good selection of pet items. Helpful staff.

Robin Mirtica: Enjoyed being greeted by the resident cat. Really enjoy the wide variety of catfood

jesse james johnson: Great place to grab stuff for your furry friends.

Anna Stovall: I’ve never been to a pet supply store with so much selection! I had a great time browsing and picking items out for my pets. The staff were also so friendly and helpful while I was there. And the shop cats were very friendly and possibly my favorite part! I definitely recommend!

Jennifer G: This place is awesome for your pet's needs. From LIVE crickets, and raw food, to pet toys and cleaning products for accidents. They're local so having them within walking distance is absolutely fantastic I can get all my pets foods and needs at a One-Stop shop. Anything you need and they are glad to help. Friendly fast and efficient service. And the shop cats are cute too!! ❤️

Kiernan Bartlett: Love this spot! It feels super homey and friendly and neighborly and they have a great selection of options for dogs and cats.

Arielle Johnson: The absolute best! They always have great service - the free delivery is especially nice. Can't recommend highly enough!

Brenda Balling: Definitely a good place for pets. The staff was friendly and helpful.

2. K9SF Dog Training - Minneapolis



· 36 reviews

1 Groveland Terrace #105, Minneapolis, MN 55403

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K9SF Dog Training: what do users think?

beverly hammett: I have a smart and wilful 3 year old Corgi. Milo has been amazing both with her and me. He is patient and really enjoys working with her. She REALLY likes him too. I opted for 2 weeks board and train, with folliw up at home. We are a work in progress, but she has improved so much. And I am also getting better. K9sf has been great to work with. 👏👏

Hannah Waggoner: Beyond pleased with our experience with K9SF & trainer Milo. Our dog went for their 2 week Board & Train + 2 at home sessions and it’s made a world of a difference. Our dog was very reactive with other dogs and Milo helped her work through her triggers and give her & us peace of mind. We went from not being able to walk across the street from dogs to actually walking calmly AND she’s even made a few doggie friends. Our dog’s anxiety has decreased significantly and we’ve received tons of compliments from friends and family on her newfound peaceful nature.I cannot recommend Milo & team enough, it was worth EVERY penny. Thank you x1000.

Amanda Hatling: I have a three year old 70 lbs. hound/terrier mix who is leash reactive, highly intelligent, highly energetic and very sensitive. We have utilized several Twin Cities based training programs in the last two years. One-on-one, boot camp, groups, board and train - we've done it all. I worked with Milo and the K9SF team for three months and made more progress in those three months than I had in the previous two years. My dog passed the Canine Good Citizen test before we even finished our training bundle. Milo and his team are very well informed, they understand dogs at a psychological level and they helped me to better understand my dog in a way that has literally changed our lives. I am incredibly grateful and *highly recommend* their program to anyone looking to make behavior changes or just have a better relationship with your dog. Save your money, I've done the research for you. K9SF is what you need.

Alexa Kaplan: fear aggression had been progressively worsening over time. There were many incidents triggering this

Sadie N: I have had an awesome experience with K9SF so far. I bought a 6 session package for obedience training and my dog has noticeably improved. Milo is excellent and a super nice person. Very glad he was recommended!

Nathan Malone: Selecting Sarah Bostock and K9SF to work with my dog and myself has been one of the best decisions ever. I did a ton of research and had several consultations with a lot of trainers before selecting K9SF to be our trainers. Sarah and the team are extremely professional, friendly, easy to speak with and they go above and beyond. I also don't think you'll find a trainer near as qualified as Sarah is with her education and professional background. Their training facilities are also easily the cleanest I've seen as well. My pup absolutely LOVES the team at K9SF and when he catches on that we're going to see Sarah he gets so incredibly excited. The progress was evident immediately and we have purchased several packages now and don't regret it.I guarantee if you do your homework, you'll end up working with K9SF. I can't recommend Sarah and the team enough!

Gabriella: We went to K9SF after we were at our wits end on our dogs sudden reactivity switch with some dogs. We had previously done trainings with trainers who teach positive reinforcement only and knew we needed a different approach with our dog, Juni. Our big problem was she started getting reactive if really excited or uptight dogs tried to approach her. People told us “oh that’s just how it goes when they get older or oh that’s a cattle mix for ya”.After the consultation, I knew we’d gone to the right place. We signed up for ten sessions and we used them up over the course of three months to give us enough time to practice at home in between sessions.She is a much calmer dog, we learned how to manage situations better in ways that help her and don’t make it worse. We also learned how to pivot and outsmart our brilliant working dog.Milo was awesome to work with and had another trainer, Ashley, join with other dogs in a few sessions to help train her out of reactivity behaviors around dogs approaching us that we found ourselves in.She is such a better dog because of it. She looks to me for guidance on walks so much more. Their suggestion was to try pack training post graduation for more desensitization training and that’s what we will do! Thank you again ♥️

Laura Heinmiller: We sent our puppy Coco there for the 4 week program and we were very happy with our experience. Coco came home a much better listener. I really feel like our family has all the tools we need to be successful! We would highly recommend their academy!

Yvonne Tollman: had great results with my dog. Not only did my dog's behaviors improve greatly, but Milo also shared a lot of helpful tips that allowed me to improve my skills with my dog as well!

Kelly Norton: Milo was absolutely wonderful working with our dachshund, Ares. He gave updates and Ares really seemed to enjoy working with him. The facility was very nice and we appreciate the continued support for us on our training journey. Thank you to the K9SF team!

Tyler Mills: Did the 2 week board and train for our rescue Marvin. He came back structured. We gained the tools to keep up with his training and plan on fostering this lovely dog!

David Anderson: K9SF took my traumatized, distant, and scared dog and brought back her playful pre-trauma self, and we had a blast in the process. Taking Freyja to them for help was one of the best decisions I've made in my life, and not to brag or anything, but I've made a lot of good decisions. One or two, at least.I adopted Freyja, a young German Shepherd, almost 3 years ago, and she was a lovable goofball. But a little over a year ago, she was bitten by another dog and became different, no longer the playful bundle of energy she'd been. She was scared of dogs and mechanical noises and would turn back from walks just a block from home, frantically pulling and doing everything she could to avoid going further. She hid under tables and beds when she saw me with a leash. When lawnmower season started she stopped voluntarily going outside at all except after dark, and even in the house couldn't relax. I can viscerally remember doing dishes one day when a lawnmower started next door. Freyja bolted into the kitchen and wedged herself between my legs and the sink cupboard, shaking like she was having a seizure.I tried for months to help her on my own. We'd make progress for a while, but then something new would freak her out and we'd be back to where we started, or worse. Luring with toys and treats had long since stopped working, as had going on new walking routes and to new parks. After a few times at a location she'd develop a new fear and deteriorate and I'd have to find somewhere new. I ran out of tricks and locations—one of the downsides of having an intelligent dog is you have to be intelligent to outsmart them, and I, sadly, found myself the loser in a battle of wits.I eventually found K9SF and spoke with Milo about Freyja and training goals. He gave me confidence he knew his stuff and understood Freyja's specific issues and I signed up for 10 sessions.My positive impression only increased at our first session. Milo is both a dog-person and a people-person and Freyja and I took to him immediately. He catered to where I was at—if I knew a bit about something, he'd let me tell what I knew, correcting anything I had wrong and adding anything I'd missed; if I didn't know something at all, he'd explain what I needed to start with and add more as it became relevant. I'm an inquisitive person and Milo not only humored me but encouraged me to ask questions.After several sessions, another trainer, Nat, joined to walk, play with, or make bark another dog nearby while Milo worked with Freyja and me. They always had a good number of dogs to work with, so Freyja was exposed to a variety each session. Milo quickly identified the kinds Freyja had the most and least trouble with and would select the next based on how she was doing, whether she needed a break or to be challenged. We then moved outdoors with a few more distractions, then to busy parks with dogs, people, and wildlife, in addition to the half-dozen dogs they brought to each session.Progress was faster than I could have dared hope. After just a few sessions, I decided to add on 8 more. Freyja was beginning to break out of her shell and be playful again, and Milo, along with the results we were seeing and the insight he provided, motivated me to work harder and avoid frustration when we'd hit a roadblock. After 10 sessions, I was ecstatic with the progress. After 18, things were better than I could have imagined possible in such a short time. Our last session was in Loring Park with dogs all around. Freyja was on a long leash listening obediently and walking at my side, completely relaxed—herself again, but a much better trained version of herself.As summer arrived and with it lawnmowers and dogs out in yards barking as we walk by, Freyja began to show a little of her old anxiety, but with the foundation of training she developed and the skills and knowledge I learned from K9SF, we've been able to work through it on our own.I am so happy that Freyja is better and I will be forever grateful to Milo, Nat, and K9SF. If Freyja could speak, I know she'd say the same.

Scott: is an extremely talented dog trainer. He has worked with our German Shepherd

Lisa Neary: as a rescue at the age of about 5 years. His anxiety was off the charts and taking him on walks was extremely stressful. K9SF did an intake assessment over a video call and recommended 3 weeks.They handled everything. George stayed at Downtown Dogs for the duration and we got daily updates on his progress, including photos which I REALLY appreciated. Sarah was his trainer and she was A+.At first it seemed like a big investment , but honestly it was worth every penny to have a dog who doesn’t bark and growl at every passerby now. He can also finally ride in the car without losing his freaking mind. He seems way happier and less anxious. He truly feels like a different dog in many ways.I highly recommend this company. They are experts at what they do. It’s honestly some of the best money we’ve ever spent. Very grateful to Sarah and the whole team there.

Bonnie “Bonnie” Lee: Great new facility

Dawn M. Fish: Excellent! We have 2 German Shepherds we've brought to them and are very pleased.

Santina U: I originally scheduled time with another company to do private training, but when the trainer didn't show up for our appt I decided to looked at K9SF. Sam reached out and scheduled an hour long consultation to really gather info about my dog and her needs. He recommended a 2 week board and train and I also purchased 2 follow up in home training sessions. I immediately received calendar invites as well as text and email reminders prior to every appt. Sam was awesome! For the two weeks my girl Mae was in his care, I got daily in depth emails on her training and progress, along with a few photos. The follow up sessions were great too as it help to focus on things she still needed work on, as well as help me learn what I was doing wrong. Can't recommend Sam or K9SF enough!

Nicolas Etcheverry: , etc. Sarah and Milo are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and professional, and we'd recommend their team to anyone in need of dog training. We learned so much, and owe a lot of Paul's development

3. The Cat's Meow Grooming & Suites - Richfield

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· 173 reviews

6410 Nicollet Ave, Richfield, MN 55423

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The Cat's Meow Grooming & Suites: what do users think?

Jim Blackwood: Очень классное кошачье место! Я взял двух своих кошек подстричь когти. В зале ожидания нет мест, но атмосфера очень дружелюбная. Это целостное заведение. Пока ждала, купила лакомства для кошек. Там был 12-летний домашний кот, который приветствовал меня и был очень дружелюбным!

Emily Boardley: Они всегда прекрасно ладят с моим сыном-кошкой.

Joshua Platz: Обновленный обзор. Мне нравятся люди здесь, в Cats Meow. Похоже, они действительно заботятся о благополучии кошек, а не просто занимаются «бизнес-моделью». Я рад, что нашел их!

Rachel Sporer: Я ухаживаю здесь за своей кошкой уже несколько лет, и они отлично справляются со своей задачей. Кажется, они действительно заботятся о кошках. Я обязательно поселю здесь своих кошек, если они мне когда-нибудь понадобятся!

Tracy Christensen: Я только что привела своего ребенка купать и вытирать линьку, и Meow Grooming проделала фантастическую работу!

Kristine Pollock: They always take such great care of our handsome siberian boy! ❤️ Taking him in for grooming has changed his life and ours for the better!

Calli Olson: My kitty always comes back happy and clean! The Cat’s Meow is the best!!

Jordan Granowski: I absolutely love this place and tell everyone who has a kitty!!! They are phenomenal at what they do. They love what they do and they love all kitties. It's obvious. They treat them as their own and create a soothing environment. They never rush or try to force things that may stress your loved baby out. I'm always greeted with a smile and their prices are a steal for the care they put in. I would never trust anyone else to care for my furbaby.

Ali Keller: The groomers are so wonderful here, my Lucy can be such a scaredy-cat, but she’s grown to really enjoy her bath and plush lions cut here. 100% will always recommend The Cats Meow!

Neil S: Fantastic groomers and i love the resident cats too! 💚 🐈

4. It's Training Cats and Dogs - Bloomington

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· 1 reviews
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5. Your Dog's Best Friend - Minneapolis

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· 76 reviews

225 Border Ave a, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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Your Dog's Best Friend: what do users think?

Oscar Martinez: С чего мне начать! Фредди — потрясающий дрессировщик собак. Но я считаю, что «тренер» — не то слово. Он собака-переводчик!Мы усыновили нашего бигля Уолли в возрасте 10 месяцев, и позвольте мне сказать вам, что первые несколько недель были невероятно напряженными. Короче говоря, Фредди показал нам, что Уолли чувствовал то же самое. Он был в таком же стрессе, как и мы. Это было причиной большинства его «проблем с поведением».Оказалось, это был не Уолли. Это были мы. Фредди так хорошо переводит собачий язык на человеческий язык. Он показал нам, что Уолли действовал в ответ на наши эмоции/действия. Фредди научил нас быть спокойными. Я не могу достаточно подчеркнуть слово «спокойный». Фредди научил нас, что спокойствие И уверенность были ответом на «проблемы с поведением» Уолли.«Проблемы поведения» собаки = это реакция на то, что мы, люди, делаем. Проблема в нас, людях! Не твоя собака!Прошло уже больше года с тех пор, как Фредди последний раз посещал наш дом. Уолли теперь сердце нашей семьи. Уолли — центр нашей семейной жизни каждый день! Фредди действительно помог нам понять Уолли и научиться общаться с ним.Спасибо, Фредди!

Bethany Hirschi: Сегодня у нас была первая встреча с Бри, и она была просто невероятной и такой доброй! Она определенно знает свое дело, и мы будем проводить с ней еще много занятий!

S Wolfson: Я не могу сказать достаточно хороших слов о Фредди. Его философия, общение и нежность по отношению к собакам — это именно то, что я искал. Всего через три сеанса у меня появилась совершенно другая собака, потому что теперь я понимаю, что она мне говорит, и как я могу лучше реагировать так, чтобы это имело для нее смысл. Фредди позаботился о том, чтобы мы с моей собакой были сильной командой и строили основы наших отношений, чтобы мы были более гармоничны друг с другом. Я с нетерпением жду возможности снова выгулять свою собаку! Спасибо, Фредди, и когда я в следующий раз заведу щенка, ты будешь моим первым!

Amy Robinson: Отличный тренинг, основанный на отношениях!

Lindsay Freese: Я совершенно не понимал, как решать проблемы с моей 7-летней собакой-спасателем, которая становилась все более реактивной во время прогулок. Фредди вмешался и немедленно начал анализировать причины ее реакции и снабжать нас необходимыми инструментами для решения ситуации. Терпение Фредди было поразительным, и вместо того, чтобы просто говорить нам, что делать, он продемонстрировал, что позитивная и эффективная трансформация наших щенков достижима. Я благодарен за новые инструменты и уверенность, которую нам дал Фредди. Благодаря его руководству мы теперь с уверенностью ходим на прогулки.

Trace Combs: Не могу не порекомендовать эту компанию. Я имел удовольствие работать с Фредди, чтобы помочь моей собаке облегчить защиту ресурсов и тревожную агрессию. Я пробовал несколько других дрессировщиков собак, но безуспешно, никто, похоже, не понимал причину проблемы и часто предлагал поверхностные исправления, которые никогда не приживались и не ухудшали ситуацию. Во-первых, моя собака обычно очень сдержанна по отношению к мужчинам, и я часто предупреждаю людей, что она не будет приближаться к ним хотя бы на несколько визитов. Фредди заставил мою собаку спокойно болтаться рядом с ним через 15 минут после встречи с ней. После двух занятий Фредди дал мне знания и инструменты, необходимые для лучшего общения с моей собакой. Во время этого процесса я несколько раз чуть не плакал от того, какое облегчение я почувствовал, наконец, добившись прогресса и поняв своего щенка. Мы видим удивительный прогресс каждый день, и теперь, когда мы чувствуем себя достаточно подготовленными, чтобы разговаривать с нашей собакой так, как она понимает, и избегать агрессивных ситуаций, с нашей семьи сняли огромный стрессовый груз. 1000 звезд.

Carolina Martinez: Фредди очень помог мне выяснить, что моя собака Паркер просто хочет общаться и здороваться с людьми. Он помог мне лучше понять Паркер и ее потребности, одновременно повысив мою уверенность в наших способностях.

L G: Фредди был терпеливым и проницательным консультантом для нашей 9-летней собаки. Кто знал, что она действительно хотела быть социальной бабочкой? Мы перестали прятаться в кустах от других собак и стали уверенно гулять вместе. Спасибо!

Betsy Symmes: Они учат владельцев не меньше, если не больше, чем щенки.

Maureen Tubbs: to just tell us what to do. Enter Freddie! Freddie gave us real life, real-time practical strategies that we could immediately put into practice. He made it simple, but still explained the "why"

Greg Hindy: We were so lucky to work with Freddie. Our dogs, together for five years, suddenly started fighting, and then fighting more, and more and more, until it became a stress spiral of snarls and cuts and hurt feelings. We were horrified at the idea that our family was going to be broken over what seemed to be an unprovoked disagreement between two dogs that had been best friends. Instead, Freddie helped us understand what was going on. He was incredibly observant and was able to read the dogs' personalities very quickly. It was like therapy for the whole family. After three sessions, we saw major improvements. Honestly, it turned the whole experience into an educational journey that made us better dog owners and people in general. Freddie was extremely professional and did not at all attempt to sell us on more sessions than we needed. Freddie is as honest and dependable as they come. Also, YDBF was the most responsive dog training group, reading over my long description of our situation and specifically recommending we work with Freddie, and then he also spoke with us over the phone before our first session. This was expensive, we are poor grad students, and yet it was SO worth every penny. Thank you Freddie!

Angel Philipp Cosmic Traveler: Awesome, we are in our second set of classes.

Yvonne Forsythe: Freddie is amazing! He has taught us so much about connecting with our dog in three sessions. He has an amazing sense of what the dog needs and what we need for overall happiness in our pack. Freddie truly has a gift!

Jim Hanson: Freddie came to our house and in the first 10 minutes taught me about 10 things I was doing wrong. He not only told me a better way to work with my dogs, but explained why and how the dogs perceived it. That helped me so much in my way of dealing with the dogs, and their training has taken a quantum leap in the right direction because of it. If you are looking to train your dog, this is the way to go. Thank you, Freddie!!

Blanca Martinez Gaviña: Working with Freddie was a transformative experience, not only for our dog but also for us as owners/partners in crime. We learned about our pup's behavior and how to support his growth while maintaining a healthy developmental environment. Freddie was thoughtful, and caring and showed immense passion when working with us. We will take his learnings and continue to strive for better outcomes. We cannot recommend Freddie and Your Dog's Best Friend enough!

Tara Bannow: My husband and I are having an issue with our dog freaking out on walks, so Neil came over and quickly gave a good assessment of why it happens. More importantly, he gave us practical training advice to not only prevent the freakouts, but to help our dog improve his behavior more broadly. He taught us very simple things I had never thought of but will be easy to add to our routine. It turns out our dog is a fast learner, we just didn’t understand the proper way to teach him. Neil explained things clearly and adapted his advice to our specific environment. He didn’t seem rushed at all and was very pleasant to be around. Would highly recommend him!

Sophie Kasahara: Our dog Rydell has been completely transformed since working with Adam and Neil! Even our friends and family have noticed a difference! They worked hard to understand her unique personality and offered tailored exercises and practices to help build her confidence. We are able to have people over again and she plays super well with our neighbors dogs now! We will always recommend them to our friends!

6. City Paws Pet Club - Dog Daycare, Boarding, Training & Grooming - Minneapolis

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· 226 reviews

300 S 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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City Paws Pet Club - Dog Daycare, Boarding, Training & Grooming: what do users think?

Scott K: My dog, Riley, seems to love it there and from what I can tell on the room cameras, I believe she does too.

Sarah McGrath: Very friendly and helpful staff. Very gentle with my shy a skittish dog when she came for her bath.

erika schumacher: City Paws is wonderful. My little dog does really well with the staff and other pets. I love how they do activities with the dogs, and send updates throughout the day.

Megan McGowan: Can not share enough good things about this place and the staff!! They take great care of my fur babies every time! Highly recommend!!

Molly Glover: Our dogs have a great time at City Paws daycare! Getting to watch all the dogs on the different cameras is super fun, too; there are always a bunch of cute dogs!

Peter Adams: City paws pet club is hands down one of the best doggy daycare facilities we have been to. Whenever we are in town we always know our pups are well taken care of. The staff are always so nice and the facility is well taken care of. We can’t recommend city paws enough!

Homestyle Family Cooking Experience Kitchen: Great experience and new to me

Edward Crandall: Great staff…….happy dogs!!!

J INTJ: I am so grateful for how good they are to my anxious little border collie Jax. He is excited to go to school and I feel good about leaving him in their care. Thank you City Paws Staff!

Jessica Haldeman: Super impressed with City Paws! They will treat your dog like their own! Clean, luxury facility! I have tried others in the market and this knocks it out of the park!

elizabeth herring: Love this place when we come to town perfect for our pups!

kent bogdan: Great staff, the facilities are clean and modern. The best part is, i can go online and see him having fun and playing with his friends!

Amy: City Paws’ staff are the best! They always know my dogs when we come in and they make sure they feel loved and comfortable! I trust them with my dogs and they are always happy to go play at City Paws!!

7. The Canine Coach - South Minneapolis - Morris Park

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5405 42nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

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The Canine Coach - South Minneapolis: what do users think?

Asher Staton: We started a group puppy class and unfortunately had to stop going due to our pup getting a respiratory illness. However, the time spent working in the group class was great and the trainer was incredibly friendly. We will be starting a boot camp in April hopefully and looking forward to working with the folks at Canine Coach again.The customer service here is great. Would definitely recommend their services.

Natalie O'Shea: We just finished Dog to Dog Socialization 1 with Nick and it was amazing! I was really nervous before our first class but was quickly put at ease with the really structured approach to bringing dogs into the classroom. There was a lot of care put into making sure we were set up for success and had plenty of good experiences to counter condition our reactive pups.Beyond the class itself, it was just really nice to connect with other owners dealing with challenging dogs. Loving a reactive dog can be really isolating, but every week we were able to celebrate each other’s small wins. I’m going to miss seeing everyone regularly!

Jessica Laniado: I like the canine coach so does my dog we are learning and advancing on the basics. We plan to do agility next.

Ella T: I really loved the class. Abby was great. Helped my pup be better in the leash and help me help him best

Maren Harden: We love Canine Coach! Effective, positive and gentle guidance for people and pets. Our wonderful first instructor, Jessica, hooked us for life!

Leela Bettaglio: Bootcamp with Eli was amazing here! My baby, Blue loved it and is much better behaved! Thank you guys for everything!

Patrick Osmonson: They are helping our dog become a good dog. So far so good.

Megan Gibbs: We went with The Canine Coach 5 years ago with our husky mix pup, Odin, and they were fantastic. If/when we get another puppy, we will definitely do our training with them.

Brian McCarthy: We've been to only two of six classes. But so far it's been great! The instructors are knowledgeable, super friendly and a blast to work with. They clearly love their work. We will be signing up for advanced courses once we finish the basic course.

8. Lucky Paws Dog Training - Blaine

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Pampered Pooch Playground, 7020 Walker St, Minneapolis, MN 55426

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Lucky Paws Dog Training: what do users think?

Timothy Zuel: Отличный опыт. Хайди работала с нами в соответствии с нашим графиком и над некоторыми вещами, которые нам были нужны. Очень эффективный и действительно понимает собак! Супер полезно и стоит копейки.

Ashley Huber: Мне очень понравился наш опыт здесь... Али был потрясающим, добрым, терпеливым и очень знающим; объект был привлекательным и всегда чистым; и мы узнали много нового о том, как взаимодействовать с нашей собакой, чтобы способствовать хорошему поведению 💕

Scott Hudson: Мы прошли 6-недельный курс навыков. Али вел занятия профессионально и с юмором, используя только методы позитивного поведения. Я видел, как уверенность моей собаки росла в том, что она была послушным компаньоном.

Lisa Jolly: Мы ходили в детский сад Lucky Paws с нашим французским бульдогом Нолой. Али — отличный учитель, и у него много замечательных предложений по обучению и работе с Нолой. Размер класса в 4-5 щенков идеально подходил для помещения For Pet's Sake в Блейне. Очень рекомендую Lucky Paws!

PAIKKA Event Venue: Нам очень понравилось работать с Lucky Paws! Милли многому научилась и получила большую пользу от общения с другими щенками ее возраста.

Alicia Johnson: Джинджер посещала занятия по дрессировке щенков, и нам это нравилось. Инструктор уделял 1/1 внимания и показывал каждой собаке. Классы были небольшими, поэтому не было тесно. Было так интересно наблюдать за тем, как щенок проводит время после инструкций. Мы будем скучать по поездке, ведь мы закончили обучение!

Dusti Kugler: Нам очень повезло, что мы имели удовольствие работать с Джесси, нашим тренером из Lucky Paws. Последний месяц она работала с нашим новым щенком Фергусом, и он узнал больше, чем мы могли себе представить! Она значительно облегчила переход к появлению в доме нового щенка и смогла научить нас, как не сбиться с пути и убедиться, что основы понятны всей нашей семье. Я очень рекомендую использовать Lucky Paws для тренировок и не могу не похвалить Джесси!

Erin Skubic: We really loved working with Lucky Paws. Our trainer was always on time and did a great job with our dog. She taught him many commands and involved me enough so that I would be able to achieve the same behavior that she was getting from him. She was also very helpful working with us on certain behaviors that popped up so we could nip them before they got worse. Our dog loved her and we felt like he was in great hands every time they were together.

9. Twin Cities Obedience Training Club - Minneapolis

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2101 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Twin Cities Obedience Training Club: what do users think?

Dave Nadeau: Seems like a place, that you can get your money's worth!

Candida Carrillo: I've taking classes at this facility for over 29 years. It is a great place to train.

Catherine Juul: Bonus: applying their same methodology to teaching our lil' Yorkie mix to be a circus lion for Halloween worked like a charm!!

Madeline Barclay, PMP: TCOTC has far exceeded my expectations. The guidance, care, and support has been outstanding. The time spent before drop off/pickup with the trainer is invaluable and unexpected. It's not a 60 second task of grabbing your dog, you actually learn about their day and go home with insights and tips to continue the work.

Sonya Hernandez: My partner and I are now a proud dog family. This place has been a wonderful place to learn and meet other dog lovers.

Maryam Ali: As a first time puppy owner this class was exactly what we needed! Great homework assignments and great instructors. It helps to understand how dogs think. My puppy had so much fun playing with the other puppies!Thank you

Joe K: I had a very good experience with the instructor!

Melody Oaks: Just started the Tweeners class and I’m very impressed. The trainer is amazing - I know a fair amount about dog training but my pup and I still both came away with so many valuable skills to put into practice right away.

Shawn Owen: Great help with training

Becky Sheldon: Fantastic dog obedience training, plus more advanced classes for agility, therapy dog, etc.

Sarah Jo Wojciechowski-Prill: Extremely knowledgeable staff

Emily Juelich: We have brought all 3 of our dogs to TCOTC and have always had an amazing experience. We really appreciate everyone who works there!

Sheri Stewart: ! They use positive reinforcement and there are tons of classes and fun activities to choose from. The workers and club members all love both dogs AND humans which is so important.
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6315 Penn Ave S, Richfield, MN 55423

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Woof Central: what do users think?

Pamela Joy: Bandit’s first playdate at Woof Central was a huge success. The staff kept us informed of how he was doing during the day, then gave a written assessment of the day at pickup. He loves socialization, so Wolf Central is wonderful for him- he was wiped out the rest of the day.

Susan Sandoval: My doodle looked amazing after her grooming! Service was fast, thorough, and exceptional. I highly recommend Woof Central.

Lisa Fleming: First visit to a groomer for my 1 year old Cavalier, Jordan and the whole staff made sure he had a positive experience and left looking great!!

Paige Moore: As busy business owners, my husband and I are so blessed to have Woof Central right down the street for when we need daycare for our two pups! Their online scheduling is very user friendly, and the staff is always so genuine and helpful in making sure the dogs are safe and have what they need. Every time I drop them off, I feel confident that they’re going to have a blast and be tuckered out when I pick them up. I definitely recommend WC to anyone in need of dog daycare and grooming!!

Nathan Atkins: Brought my dog in for grooming. The groomer did a great job at a great price.

Mitchell Ewald: Our dog is a 10 month old menace and one day here, he sleeps the 2 days after. He has so much fun and loves it!

Chris McNellis Tanita: Wonderful!

Linda Kuczmarski: Very accommodating for my old dog.

Bev Melchisedech: My two Shih Tzus had a great time at their assessment today. The WC staff was wonderful, professional and very knowledgeable about their senior needs. We will definitely be going back for daycare.

11. Bark Busters - Lynnhurst

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1352 W Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55419

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