Best Electrofitness Classes Minneapolis Near Me

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1. The Firm - Minneapolis

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· 187 reviews

1010 2nd Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55405

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The Firm: what do users think?

Kala Ryan: , classes are filled to the brim with enthusiastic class members. Sense of community, getting each other wipes at the end of class - very unique, the very very best.

Patricia Hillard: I have been to many different studios and always come back to this one. Every worker/coach is personable and always is focused on your best interests and goals.

Pura Vida Orthodontics: Really friendly staff and great location! We are happy to be just down the street from The Firm. Thank you for being so welcoming!

Alyse Snyder: Awesome community and stellar instructors!

Nick Kuehne: Love the firm! Made me feel super comfortable getting back into the swing of working out again.

Russ Gerber: Friendliest staff ever - very serious about this, they really are an authentic and welcoming crew 2

ann myers: Trainers are knowledgeable, friendly, and fun! They know how to correct form to avoid injury. Classes are fun and engaging.Front desk is amazing, efficient and kind. There is order in many potentially chaotic situations. They greet each client by name most of the time.I go several times a week and get a great workout. Spin, TRX, APT are my go to classes.Thumbs up

Michael Patrick: Great culture. Friendly staff. Excellent instruction and workouts. The very best fitness studio in the Twin Cities!

tammy boots: The Firm is in a new temporary spot and it is so fun! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work out with the best teachers and staff in this intimate setting. I love the workouts, the front desk staff, and the handy new location! So easy to park and do other errands while I’m over there! Thanks for a fantastic transition during the move. Hardly any down time and I feel right at home.

Kone Diakardia: great instructors!

2. ALTR - Minneapolis



· 42 reviews

1619, 121 N Washington Ave #200, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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ALTR: what do users think?

John O'Sullivan: The owners are awesome and the workout is very challenging and fun!

Kelly Roseann: Solid gym with an EXCELLENT staff. A tad smaller than usual Anytime Fitness gyms but that doesn't change much. In fact it feels less crowded than other gyms. Overall great vibes from the gym and the people who workout here!

Helen Pang: Best HIIT gym in Minnesota! Been coming here since they opened in 2017 and I never get bored. The workouts are consistent and challenging, allow you to modify to your body’s needs as well. The space is spotless with complimentary sweat towels, bath towels and products. Safe space for people of all walks of life and age range.

Ana Braaten: Great coach and facility. Definitely felt like I got a great workout in and started sweating right after the workout!

Evan Braaten: Just completed my first LIFT workout at ALTR and absolutely loved it! It was just the right amount of challenging. Melissa was amazing and watched everyone closely so that we do the moments properly so that we don't get hurt.

Katie W: , and we look forward to continuing our workouts here! We also both think the value is aligned on the pricing.

Anna Baxter: I went for a free class & it was very fun! I feel like it was the perfect amount of challenge for me & i liked the variety of exercises. Would definitely go back!!

Emma Buisman: Encouraging staff that makes you feel very welcomed & motivated. The studio was clean, organized and very aesthetically pleasing!! Amazing workout that gets you trying new things and pushing your limits.

Evan Andrew: it's a blast. They're great at making you feel like you can push even just 1% harder to get the most out of your workout. They have nice showers too which helps if you have to run to work right after class.

George Gonnella: The best workout in North Loop

Mason Kranz: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityDo I recommend ALTR?Definitely YES! That’s even an understatement!BEST GYM YET! FOUND MY FAMILY AND THE ONE GYM IM STAYING AT! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

3. Studio ME Fitness - Minneapolis

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· 82 reviews

305 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Studio ME Fitness: what do users think?

Brittany: I’ve been going to Studio ME for about a year and it has been great! The coaches meet you where you’re at and give you the support you need to keep motivated. If you have an injury, they have an in house physical therapist and can work the PT movements into your personal training sessions - which has been a game changer for me. The gym has great energy and the founder Megan and the staff do a fantastic job at creating an inviting space where you feel like you belong.

Amanda Brown: . The coaches are caring and develop a personal relationship to understand your needs. The community is also fantastic -- it's motivating to know you'll show up and see your workout buddies for each class.

George P: The team and environment here make it a special place. Coach Megan has done an incredible job.

Graham Lohman: Excellent gym that excels at fun, fast workouts in a community feel. Whether you're an aspiring Olympic or rehabilitating couch potato the trainers work with you to meet your goals. I did semi-private training and the ME12 program with Billy and Alan - but have had the pleasure of working out with several of the trainers. They all bring an energy and enthusiasm that makes going back to the gym a highlight of my day.Megan takes tremendous pride in her business, as she should, and operates with the utmost integrity.

Kristin Knight: I can't recommend Studio me enough! I’m currently taking semi-private lessons and regular classes, but over the 4 years that I’ve been a member, I’ve done bootcamp and the 12 week program as well. Prior to finding StudioMe, I bounced around a few places, but never found a place that made me comfortable and interested in continuing to work out.The class programming is smart – the coaches work together to develop classes that are purposeful and enjoyable.Edit 4/15/2024:I recently had a few physical therapy sessions from Dr. Bailey. I was struggling with chronic muscle tightness in my neck from sitting too much for my job. After 2 sessions, I'm feeling significantly better. She listened to my concerns, gave me some exercises to do at home and provided treatment in the office. She also worked with my coach to adjust my training to incorporate exercises specific to my treatment plan. I benefited greatly by having my PT and coaches under one roof. I highly recommend Dr. Bailey.

Sean Kalafut: . During the competition they lead every lifter through a comprehensive warm up, and made everyone feel great after every attempt on each exercise

Mike Newbauer: I booked a physical therapy appointment for knee pain that just wasn’t going away. Dr. Bailey was very attentive to my needs and listened to all my concerns. She spent a full hour with me, performing assessments and identifying the root cause then took the time to explain what was going on and made sure I understood the exercises and what to expect in my treatment plan.I will be having a follow up with Dr Bailey to continue my recovery. She is very knowledgeable in her field and made me feel very comfortable.

Frankie Johnson: I can say without a doubt Studio Me is the best gym experience I have ever had! I joined Studio Me about 5 months ago after not working out consistently for a year and a half and lacking motivation to consistently use my apartment’s gym. I knew that I needed accountability from a coach/class and a routine to keep showing up in the ways that I wanted and that led me to joining Studio Me.The workouts at Studio Me are well planned and effective! I feel challenged, am always learning new things, and I also feel supported and encouraged by the coaches knowing they are ready to offer guidance and assistance. It makes a big difference to feel that support when trying things that may seem intimidating. You can tell every coach really wants to see you make progress and achieve your goals!I really appreciate having a set schedule to be in class and the option to come to additional classes on my off days and weekends! In a short period of time I can tell that I am building strength and endurance and that I feel better and more energized on the days I work out than the days I don’t. This has led me to being the most consistent I have ever been in working out. I can tell I have built a routine that is sustainable far into the future!The community at Studio Me is welcoming and inclusive and I couldn’t be more happy in my decision to join. I can’t wait to see my progress in one year and beyond! If you are looking for a gym that meets you where you’re at and helps you in achieving your fitness goals it’s definitely Studio Me!

Joe Song: I joined Studio ME about six months ago and I love the bootcamp class I'm in. I'd never regularly gone to group fitness classes before and I'm so glad I started. The class is the same small group of people every time and I've gotten to know everyone's name, and vice versa. All the Studio ME coaches know my name even if I haven't worked directly with them. It is so friendly! I'm getting a great workout, too. I feel stronger even after this short time.I have also worked with the on-site physical therapist, Dr. Bailey, who has helped me enormously! I had impingement in my shoulder and she gave me a custom program to work on it. After each appointment, she would program the exact exercises in an app, which really helped me keep with it. Now, my shoulder movement pain is gone!

Rebecca Keyes: When I joined Studio ME, my physical activity levels were low and I hadn't been to a gym in years. The trainers were fantastic in helping me feel comfortable and answering any questions I had about the exercises. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere made me feel at home, as everyone knew my name and greeted me with a smile. In just 6 weeks, I have noticed a change in my body and overall well-being. The best part is feeling like I am part of a supportive community at Studio ME.

Sonashree Sonashree: Results oriented this place offers a well-structured client-trainer system that has provided me a unique and engaging workout experience. The participants receive adequate attention from trainers during each session which allows for personalized guidance on exercise technique, pace and breathing etc. I feel this system effectively addresses the common pitfalls of solo gym workouts.The trainers foster a warm and inclusive environment, clearly demonstrating a genuine interest in client’s progress. It creates a sense of community, transforming the experience from a mere workout session to a more holistic journey of fitness and well-being.Additionally, the center offers complimentary weekend sessions and occasional open gym access, which include training sessions, rowing, endurance training, yoga, and even goal-setting sessions. These offerings help in diversifying workout routines.Overall, Studio ME has thoughtful structure and comprehensive offerings, and it is a great choice for individuals of all ages seeking supportive and effective workout environment.

Zach Mandell: Bailey has been great to work with. She listens well and tries myriad and various approaches, explaining well what’s going on.

Tyler Cooper: I have been coming to Studio ME Fitness for almost 10 years. There simply isn't a better place to get strong and healthy in Minneapolis. The coaches are well trained, and the gym is very clean and well maintained.They also have a full time physical therapist on staff. I suffered a shoulder injury from a fall on the ice last winter and Dr. Bailey worked with the fitness coaches to build a rehab program for my shoulder. She also taught me at-home stretches to do, and used dry needling to get my shoulder back to 100%. I go to Studio ME to get strong and hopefully help prevent injuries, but when they do happen, it sure is nice to have Dr. Bailey to help get me back on track.If you are looking for a place to get strong and healthy, a place that welcomes everyone, a place that is run by smart people who believe in science, and a place with a wonderful community...then look no further than Studio ME Fitness.

Erin White: Becoming a member of StudioMe has been truly amazing for so many reasons. Megan and her staff are truly committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. They care so much about you and what’s best for you. In addition to amazing workouts and staff. StudioMe has the best sense of community. The members are very friendly and welcoming. We enjoy spending time together outside of the gym. Megan goes above and beyond to celebrate our success in and out of the gym. StudioMe is everything you want in a gym.

Graham McCall: Studio Me is a very welcoming, family-like gym.They really pay attention to what you are looking for in a gym by asking the right questions, and going above and beyond to make sure they tailor the programming for you to accomplish your goals. The instructors are welcoming, non-judgmental and pride themselves on making sure you feel supported and encouraged in your workouts. This is a great gym, that feels much different from anything else I've experienced.

Ruta Johnsen: every morning and it is one of my favorite parts of the day. StudioMe is a very special place. Yes, it is a gym and ultimately, one goes there to work out, but it is also so much more:- There is a community of trainers there that meets you where you are in your journey overall and in your journey that particular day. My workouts are designed for me, with my goals, needs, and limitations in mind.- If I need support in understanding my nutritional needs

Molly Hemes: Studio ME has been wonderful in helping me recover from a year of chronic illness. I'm so much stronger and healthier than when I started 5 months ago! The workouts are fun and challenging and the coaches are kind, energetic, and supportive. I would recommend Studio ME to anyone, especially if you are working through health challenges! Everyone at the studio is incredibly welcoming and wants to see you grow and succeed.

Jane Danstrom: I am a big fan of Studio Me! I’ve been doing semi private personal training and a little bit of group fitness and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. All of the coaches are awesome, supportive, and I’ve been able to learn a lot about proper form and how to do different exercises which was a big concern for me. I’ve never been a gym person or a fitness person, but Studio Me has me looking forward to my next session and showing up excited to train. They really nail the whole experience - easy to get to and park at, nice changing/shower facilities, great space and equipment, and a really fun environment that is tailored to your goals. I highly recommend Studio Me!

Michael Youness: Came here to correct my form and learn a bit and I have learned far, far more than I expected. Super amazing staff, great equipment, can't recommend it enough!Edit, several months in: Recently did a weightlifting meet at the gym, a new event they started. It was an incredible experience that both showed how much progress I’ve really made and encouraged me to go even further. Here’s to the next year of membership!Another edit, well over a year in: Started utilizing the in-house physical therapy with Bailey, and it's been another huge milestone for my progress. No more aches and pains, even more flexibility, and strength where I need it. In addition to the recommended stretching, I tried dry needling, which was a super easy/pain free process and dealt with a lot of problems quickly!

Gauri Jadhav: Love the focus on strength training.

4. Solcana Fitness - Minneapolis

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· 35 reviews

1915 E 22nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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Solcana Fitness: what do users think?

Kyle H: Wonderful gym! The trainers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, attentive, and helpful. The people are incredibly nice, accepting, and supportive of a variety of body types and ability levels.The classes offer a great variety with lots of timeslots. There are also daily "recesses" where you can do whatever you'd like outside of a class.They're incredibly LGBTQIA+ accepting. I've always felt welcomed.

Terry J: You could not find a more welcoming community to start or continue your fitness journey. Whatever that may look like. Love everything about it thus far!

Claire Baglien: Words don’t express how much of a difference it makes to be surrounded by supportive people instead of gym bros. The community at Solcana gives me so much more than just incredible and fun workouts. I feel encouraged to do what’s best for my body and didn’t have to deal with toxic weight loss culture messaging. The coaches give so many alternative options for an exercise and I always learn something new.

Raven Dewitt: Nearly a year ago I signed up for a beginner class at Solcana and was terrified. I had never been to a gym before, and quite honestly was too intimidated to attempt lifting heavier weights on my own. The empower class gave me the confidence I needed to continue my journey and now, almost a year later you will find me at Solcana several times a week! The coaches are so encouraging and helpful and the community is incredible. I have never felt stronger in my life. Solcana is the best!

Darcie Vandegrift: Friendly gym with welcoming vibe for all. LGBTQ+, size and age diverse, women-owned. I’m in the 50+ class and have never worked out in such a supportive environment. Make extra time to find parking in the evening.

Elea Besse: Everyone was so welcoming and friendly! Had a great workout 💪

Morgan Bolstad: Truly the most comfortable and rewarding gym experience I've ever had! The coaches are patient, knowledgeable, kind, ability-inclusive, and helpful. I have loved every workout because of the atmosphere here

Ashley Stephens: I really enjoyed the virtual postpartum class. It was easy to fit in exercises at my own pace around newborn care. It gave me the foundation to get back into more vigorous exercise.

Brenda Falk: I am in town for work for two weeks and wanted to try out a local gym that might be similar to the classes I take at home. Solcana’s Sunday community class sounded perfect! Unfortunately when I arrived, I learned that the class had been cancelled - however, Cate and her team were so welcoming, it only made me more interested in joining their community! They graciously encouraged me to make myself at home in their gym and use their facilities on my own. This experience has me wishing I lived in Minneapolis - Solcana has clearly created something special here!

Katherine Shane: strength classes, etc. Incredibly body positve, to the degree that i have never heard any staff ever initiate a conversation about weightloss or muscle building unless someone asked first. Even then, its hardly ever mentioned. I have always felt welcome safe and included as short, wide, queer, late 50s woman with injury restrictions. It's one of the only places where I can say things like 'l am a power lifter' and no one looks at me like I am nuts, or 'oh that's so cute she thinks she can lift things' or like I am some super role model. I am just an athlete like anyone else.

Kelsey Callahan: Solcana is wonderful!!! The people who attend class, and the coaches are all amazing and supportive! If you are looking for a place to feel comfortable and welcome in your exercise journey Solcana is the place!

Mia Farinas: Best gym ever! I joined Solcana as a newbie to lifting, and my relationship to fitness has totally changed in my year as a member. For the first time in my life, I really look forward to going to the gym! The friendly, nonjudgemental environment and all of the modifications that coaches offer have been really helpful in making me feel comfortable to get started, and learning what my body needs. The community at Solcana is unbeatable– it is such a treat to work out with so many fun, kind people who are all working on their own personal goals.

Kris T: Being an older person brand new to this kind of fitness in 2021, I was a bit overwhelmed to try Solcana. It didn't take long to love it - the fitness AND the community. I felt welcomed and supported from day one. The coaches and the athletes make Solcana a thing of beauty supporting each other to do and be their best, whatever that looks like for them. I am inspired every time I come to Solcana because of how all types of bodies are welcomed and show up, getting strong and pushing through hard stuff together. Flash forward to 2+ years later: I am stronger, more comfortable and at home in my aging body, doing things I never thought possible, and I couldn’t be happier with the Solcana community. It’s definitely more than just a gym. Or perhaps what all gyms should aspire to be.

Naomi Osborn: I joined the beginners Empower Class and am so grateful I did! I have never worked out in a gym in my life and really felt that the program and coaches met me where I am. The Empower class has changed the way I see working out and how it fits into my life — I understand now that movement everyday is beneficial to your health and waiting for perfect circumstances is silly. I am continuing my fitness journey and have joined Solcana as a member to attend the BBF classes.

Collin Arnett: Solcana's pretty damn great. I've been going for years now, and their quality programming and coaches keep me going back. What distinguishes them from other "functional fitness" gyms?1. Inclusivity and body/ability positivity - It doesn't matter your shape or ability level. Coaches will find a way for you to start or continue your fitness journey2. Quality programming and coaching - I would routinely injure myself at my old gym. I juries are rare at Solcana because I'm taught how to do things the right way and programmed in a way that I don't hurt my back or strain my shoulder.3. LGBTQ and BIPOC centered - Solcana does their best to be a welcoming community for all and centers people who are typically marginalized. As someone who is privileged enough to benefit from our society, I'm happy to support and join a gym as an ally to all marginalized people.Hannah has built an amazing community, and I love it.

Nathan Hofferber: I can’t say enough how much I love this gym. The classes are amazing, the coaches are incredible, and most importantly the community around the gym is unbeatable. Easily the best gym I’ve been to.

Sarah Ryan: I feel really grateful to have found this space. I’ve been immediately welcomed to the community with warmth and have been encouraged to be my strongest and happiest self. This gym aligns with my values in supporting strength and training without any emphasis on restriction, diet, and weight loss. I’m excited for the growth and gains this space will guide me to!

Maximilian Homstad: Been going to this gym for almost 2 years now, and it is like no other. I love the community I’ve found here, and the strength-based group classes have been gamechanging! I never thought I would like group classes, but the accountability has kept me coming back consistently. The coaches here are knowledgeable, compassionate, and always willing to adapt movements to something that will work for your body. If you are looking for a body-neutral, queer/queer friendly gym, this is the place to go.

5. Alchemy 365 Northeast - Minneapolis

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· 111 reviews

120 SE 3rd Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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Alchemy 365 Northeast: what do users think?

Matthew Cole: Excellent workouts, friendly and professional coaching staff, awesome and supportive community, good vibes all around!

Amanda Paul: Love Alchemy! Challenging, but interesting HIIT workouts so things don’t feel monotonous. Friendly coaches and welcoming atmosphere. Modifications are options for tougher movements. I’ve been w. this program for almost 2 years and highly recommend. I’ve never left wishing I hadn’t come.

Madison Naylor: I have loved going here! Makes working out fun and everyone is always so nice!

Marcello Herrera: . Even then I couldn't really understand what he was saying. I wish the instructor used a mic, or that the music wasn't so loud so that he wouldn't have to shout with the mask down. Maybe I'll give this place another try once I'm vaccinated though because I really enjoyed it and the people seemed great too.UPDATE: I got a membership and I've gone back to Alchemy many times since my original comment. It's been great – nice coaches, challenging workouts and a fun environment. Highly recommend checking Alchemy out.

J Weezy78: One of the best places to workout at in Minnesota, hands down! The best community and the coaches are top notch. I promise this place will change your life for the better.

Sarah Weatherman: Like so many, I love this workout space. I’m greeted with a smile and by name, feel like I’ve gotten to know the coaches and the fellow athletes, and am always sore after the workout. I honestly can’t say enough good things about the chemistry Alchemy has, but it’s made me healthier and happier.

Erik: 5 stars. Was welcomed into this community 2 years ago and can't say enough about how much I loved working out here. Alchemy will ground you in balance, strength, flexibility, and cardio, in my opinion the 4 pillars of physical fitness. The social and accountability is second-to-none! The team here is close-knit and will learn your name from the start and help you reach your goals. Thank you Leah & company!

Tony Hoffman: Love this place. Dropping my gym membership to go somewhere I feel apart of community and it's fun!

6. Alchemy 365 North Loop - Minneapolis

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· 155 reviews

246 9th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Alchemy 365 North Loop: what do users think?

Shawnee Keno: How to greet class today? It was very challenging, but in the most positive way. I highly recommend alchemy 356 for anyone who's watning to up the progress on their fitness goals

Grant Noble: Great first time today Halley’s playlist was 🔥

Hannah Scharpen: and not going to lie, it was TOUGH getting back into the swing on things. But that’s one of the reasons I love alchemy so much. The coaches are so supportive of EVERYONE, no matter where you’re at on your health journey. They are encouraging and make you feel so welcome from the minute you walk in the door. After now being back at alchemy for almost 4 months, I can see my body getting stronger, my mind is clearer and the motivation just keeps coming. I will always be grateful for the community Alchemy provides , not only through the coaching but through the other members and the community that comes along with it. Being a baseline shy person, it’s nice to feel comfortable in this community that has always been so welcoming to me and all it’s members! I can’t recommend Alchemy enough.

Jon Gerster: Great place for a full-body, varied workout. Easy to find and instructors are very helpful.

Kory Hubers: Positive:ProfessionalismLove the workouts and instructors are all great

Ryan Spence: Great experience at this location during my trial week. Very positive atmosphere and great workouts. Brock is an awesome coach and very welcoming!

Ryan Petersen: I did four sessions in my first week and I have loved it. Great vibe. Great mix of classes.

Jesse Haas: I love this place - after my first class I was hooked. I love the positive vibe the coaches bring to each workout and how encouraging everyone is. It's been easy to step out of my comfort zone in that supportive environment! I'm sore and tired, but also calm and encouraged. Love love love.

tj Dovan: Staff is very friendly and helpful. Great workout!

7. Fitness Crossroad - St. Anthony

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· 56 reviews

2912 Pentagon Dr, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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Fitness Crossroad: what do users think?

Jaclyn Johnson: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityWonderful gym! The staff is so friendly and the gym is well kept, clean and welcoming. Highly recommend!

Grace Mccleary: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality

Christine Ramirez: Love this gym!

Ikram Ali: Wonderful welcoming and great space and I love it work out there

David Safranski: Great locally owned, neighborhood gym in the Northeast! Staff is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have done some great work during Covid to get things set up safely.

Jason Fisher: Great gym

Mac Agyepong: Great place to workout.

Joe Hirscher: This gym is better equipped than the national chains to which I belong! Plus it isn’t crowded! You can train without having to wait for popular equipment to open up!

Rebecca A: Best gym I've ever belonged to. They are like family. Too bad I moved away.

Nate Taylor: Great local club. Good people.

Christina Larson-Dickson: I've been a member at several different gyms over the years and this is hands down the best to meet the needs of my family and my exercise goals. The staff is super friendly, the gym goers are all ages and abilities. They've got a good variety of classes available as well as machines, trainers and free weights. Free towels, nice showers and it's clean! The childcare here is far above LA or even the Y. If you have little ones, this is the place to be for care you can trust. I only wish the gym was bigger, but they use their space well.

8. Basecamp Fitness Minneapolis (North Loop) - Minneapolis

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· 42 reviews

156 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Basecamp Fitness Minneapolis (North Loop): what do users think?

Alan Yan Jr.: Great workout with awesome instructors! Very supportive community as well!

Cass S: .From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted with encouragement from the staff alleviating any apprehension I had about starting my fitness journey. What struck me most was their genuine desire to see every member succeed, regardless of their fitness level or goals.The facility itself is nothing short of impressive. It's evident that cleanliness and maintenance are top priorities here, which only adds to the overall positive experience.The most surprising revelation for me was discovering the joy in working out. Thanks to the instructors and engaging classes, working out transformed from a dreaded task into a fulfilling activity I look forward to, with each workout leaving me feeling accomplished.

Erica F: Basecamp always makes working out enjoyable! The instructors and staff are amazing. They get to know you and are always offering good tips and adjustments in class.

Isabella: but this is my favorite!

Makenzi Reichardt: I love Basecamp! I started attending through class pass, and quickly found that Basecamp topped all other classes. I soon canceled my class pass membership & solely joined Basecamp. It has become a daily routine for me. The workouts, coaches, and atmosphere cannot be beat. Basecamp helps to keep me motivated and consistent. I look forward to Basecamp being the best part of my day & recommend it to all my family and friends. Join! Best decision I’ve made.

Andrew Magnuson: Awesome workout! Intense cardio - highly suggest if you need an intense workout to kick start or end your day!

Danny Strohman: , and separated by the muscle groups targeted

Francis Luzum: Basecamp Fitness is wonderful place to work out. The variety in the exercises makes the class fly by. The instructors are enthusiastic, personable, and motivating. The North Loop studio has a great sense of community. The camaraderie among participants creates a supportive and encouraging environment. It's a great workout!

Robbie Schulz: The trainers here are exceptional. They are knowledgeable and very motivating. They ensure that every session pushes you to your limits while maintaining safety and proper form. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, they make sure your workouts are challenging and supported. The variety of different workouts ensures that they never become monotonous, keeping motivation levels high.

Mary Horton: . I also appreciate the effort by staff to build community by organizing occasional social events. Makes it easy to have gym friends! I’d recommend to anyone looking for a good all-around workout! It also has very down to earth vibes, so feels welcoming!

Josie Johnson: I had my first experience at Basecamp Fitness today and I absolutely loved it! Everyone was super friendly, great customer service. And the workout was fantastic! I highly recommend.

Corey Sebens: Great gym and staff. Free parking is a huge bonus. If you want a quick, efficient workout Basecamp is perfect.

Joe Swanson: I’ve been to two classes so far and they’ve both been excellent! Great facilities, incredible and challenging workout, and the instructors are incredibly engaging and knowledgeable.

Kristina DiAngelo: Basecamp Nolo is the best fitness community I've ever been a part of. Jason, the Studio Manager, is the mastermind behind all the fun events that make this place so unique. Zak "No Sleeves" Beasy, the Fitness Manager, is an absolute gem. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness, but he's also one of the most approachable and friendly people you'll ever meet. Their entire team makes you feel part of the Basecamp family from the moment you walk in.The workouts themselves are only 35 minutes, but you'll be amazed at how fast you'll see results. They put you to work but it's a ton of fun and the camaraderie amongst members is a large part of what encourages you through the workout.Go try your first class. It's usually free!

Elizabeth Klein: But if you live nearby and don't have to drive a bit

9. Dayton YMCA at Gaviidae - Minneapolis

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· 267 reviews

651 Nicollet Mall UNIT 300, Minneapolis, MN 55402

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Dayton YMCA at Gaviidae: what do users think?

Edgar Jordan: When I initially started my my membership with the scholarship and discounts given it was a true blessing to be able to afford it and still have cash left considering the income I was working with so it allowed me to have money left to spend on things particularly that I needed and to give a small portion of it to someone that may have been ineed as well so I couldn't be more appreciative to be able to do both Thank you to the Y.M.C.A

Robert Bischel: I really enjoy working out here. The space is really clean, the lockers are secure, the staff is friendly, theirs so many activities going on during the month and it has all the equipment necessary for a quality workout.

Gary Parranto: Great Place to Work Out Clean and The Staff are Friendly

Jeremiah Cole: Nicest cleanest ymca in Minnesota hands down! Deb and Endonnis are wonderful! Genuine interactions and wonderful customer service just in general. Have to check it out.

Clara Corn: Clean, lots of equipment, incredible sauna. I feel better than I have in months!

frizell rucker jr: Pleasant, Helpful, Courteous.

Natalie Jo Baker: Beautiful ymca also highly recommend the hydro massage great way to relax! Nice staff and gorgeous space.

Joel Barto: Conveniently located to many hotels, this place is fantastic! Thank you Becky for the spare swim goggles!

10. Snap Fitness Of Northeast Minneapolis - Minneapolis

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· 78 reviews

945 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Snap Fitness Of Northeast Minneapolis: what do users think?

been’there: Great location!

Jacob Hess: but most machines are a bit loose and everything could use some attention for routine maintenance if it has screws or bolts.

Kyle Short: "The friendly staff and clean facility can’t be beat."

Björn K.: All you need, nothing more

Gabe Toman: Been going here for almost 3 years now. Great location, price and equipment. Fantastic staff and a friendly environment

J. Ambrose Díaz: Great gym, and excelente management

Brant Axt: Affordable gym with all the basics. Not much more to say.
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· 207 reviews

1433 West River Rd N, Minneapolis, MN 55411

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Minneapolis Bouldering Project: what do users think?

Alex Bunger: Always a blast bouldering with the kids. Son and daughter love coming here to climb.

stephen herman: Very big and really good route setting

ryan laff: This is my new fav gym! Love the emphasis on climb downs! Has weights/classic work out gym, co-working space, salad vending machine. Good routesYogaEtc

Ethan Roesner: Best place in Minnesota to go bouldering. Vibes in the place are amazing with fun music. Staff are super nice and the bouldering is the best with the different difficulties.

Alfred: Very busy, but I enjoy coming here sometimes

Keenan Radzak: Great facilities, great walls, great location, great staff. One of my favorite places to be.

12. Straightline Dance Fitness - Minneapolis

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· 32 reviews

34 13th Ave NE #104, Minneapolis, MN 55413

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13. G-Werx Fitness Downtown - Minneapolis

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· 9 reviews

428 S 2nd St Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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14. North Loop Fitness - Minneapolis

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· 22 reviews

800 N Washington Ave #108, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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North Loop Fitness: what do users think?

Odale Scott: Healthy and fit gym greatness in the gym and thanks be to god for all the beautiful things he's giving us

Patrick Kolias: Great gym and location for anyone living downtown. Large space and plenty of equipment so there’s no wait between exercises. Love the amount of free weights. Locker room and bathroom are very clean and well kept.

Dylan Maki: Best place in town for lifters in need of a late night workout spot.

Gunnar Blakeway-Walen: Great Gym!tons of equipment!

Zach Schuman: Great gym with friendly staff and members. They have all the equipment needed for a good workout!

Deepak Kolte: I had a positive experience here both with the gym and the owner. Sometimes you have to park a little away but other than that it's a great gym. I love how they have a grass bed to sledge. I got overcharged when I discontinued but after talking to Rob, he returned my money back. Great price, location and owner for areas around downtown.

Josh Casper: Great place to go work out. Not crowded but has plenty of equipment

Jade Holman: I joined this gym recently. It's been great so far. Low key, no nonsense place to get in a good workout. Get as much or as little support on training and nutrition as you need/want. Would highly recommend.

Christopher McEnery: Fantastic gym, it is easily the best one I have ever had a membership for. There are a wide array of tools to utilize for training, and the facilities are well kept and clean. The owner Rob is a friendly dude who genuinely knows his stuff, you can tell he loves his job. I highly recommend North Loop Fitness to anyone who wants to get in shape or stay fit.

Justin Volling: Great equipment, no pressure friendly environment. Highly recommend.

15. Pure Barre - Minneapolis

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· 6 reviews

300 S 2nd St Suite 2, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Pure Barre: what do users think?

Sophia Ginis: back to just going myself.

Claudia Neu Urban: Pure Barre SLP is a welcoming and positive environment with a focus on community and celebrating everyone’s achievements! The community is incredible with teachers who know everyone’s name and make an effort to get to know people individually. If you are looking for a quick and challenging workout, pure barre is a great choice because of the variety and how it is set to fun playlists. So glad I found pure barre SLP not only for the workout but for the community that makes me feel welcome each time I am there.

Margaret Kajer: If you're looking for an inclusive, positive gym with effective workouts, this is the place! The instructors and staff know everyone by name and really make an effort so that everyone gets the right workout for their body and abilities. Try it if you haven't, you won't regret it!

Kate Kasella: Awesome & challenging classes with great instructors!

Sarah Fadell: Pure Barre - the only consistent movement I've stuck with for going on 4 years!! I love everything about Pure Barre St. Louis Park - the staff, the workout, the friends I make every time I go! This is the place for friendly faces and low impact/highly effective workouts!!

Allison Krug: The most amazing studio and staff. These are the best classes and this is such a supportive community!

Jennifer Tose: My friend invited me to try out a breaking down the barre class. I had taken barre classes back in MA but not since I moved to MN. I thought the instructors were great and have gone included it in my workout mix. Definitely would recommend!

Michelle Swanson: I LOVE Pure Barre SLP!! The moment you walk into the studio you are greeted with a friendly staff and the check in process is very easy and convenient! The studio is clean and has a fun atmosphere! The workout, whether Classic, Empower or Reform is EFFECTIVE!! I lost weight quickly after signing up as it's a FUN workout that I never get tired of doing! It's easy to stay committed, plus the community is unlike anything I've experienced at other studios or gyms! The instructors are all amazing, easy to follow, friendly and passionate. Give it a go- it's a wonderful workout!

Laura Bednarczyk: Fantastic transformative workout! All the instructors are so encouraging. That's what made me come back. There is a huge feeling of community in this studio. I highly recommend Pure Barre to anyone who wants to get stronger 💪 and make a positive change.

Madison V: The staff and instructors are the best of the best! The classes are very challenging and always different. I am SO thankful I found Pure Barre in St. Louis Park, and I would absolutely recommend this studio to anyone! You MUST give Pure Barre in St, Louis Park a try!

Alex Brose: warm, friendly & great community that welcomes newbies!

Katie Kuk: I love this studio! The location is super convenient right off highway 100, there is plenty of free parking around the building and best of all the staff is so friendly and amazing. This community is truly welcoming to all body types and encourages you to be stronger no matter where you are coming from.

16. Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - North Loop - Minneapolis

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· 92 reviews

304 N 6th Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping - North Loop: what do users think?

Katie Maddux: Sarah was such an amazing instructor! The energy and music was perfect! I loved that she came over and let me know my form looked great or would even ask if I had any injuries and would correct my form when needed. She cheered me on and encouraged me in class many times! The class was easy to follow along and definitely pushed me and my muscles! Great class!!

Fernanda Shoyama: I know it sound cliche but.. THIS PLACE CHANGED MY LIFE..I have been struggling with migraines/ daily headaches for 2 years.. Pandemic "made" me buy a Peloton but it wasnt until I join the 10-weeks challenge in January 2023 that things started to change. I suddenly needed less ibuprofen! the secret? Try go punch and kick a bag after a long day at work!? no time? no worries.. they have zoom for you! and that has been a life savior for me! the days I get home tired of commuting, I get to turn on my computer and join the class online!

Matthew Lindahl: Great supportive community to help me reach my goals!

Rebecca Lang: Farrell’s is the gym that will change your life. I’ve tried every gym you could possibly think of & this place, hands down, is the BEST. The classes, equipment, atmosphere and energy set you up for success - You get to just come in & have FUN without thinking! Leadership is amazing too - They provide the best of the best support. You really won’t find another gym like this AND who doesn’t like to punch and kick stuff?! 😍 ❤️❤️

LaCora Bradford Kesti: This woman owned gym is my new favorite place in mpls. They have a diverse group of instructors who can make any modification to ensure you get the best workout. This gym is body positive! The people who join are also so diverse, and bring great energy. I'm with the 6 am crew and love my gym mates. Sarah the owner makes it so accessible for you to try out a class. Your first week is free! Come check out this spot. Challenge yourself to do something different, it might just change your life.

carly kruzel: So much fun and such a great workout! The staff are super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!

Michele “Shely”: and I plan to continue going back! I was nervous at first because I'm very out of shape, but there were absolutely no problems with me going at my own pace or substituting certain moves based on my actual abilities. Overall everyone was just extremely positive!

Karmen Sievert: The general manager Sarah has been amazing!! She followed up with me even when it wasn’t the north loop location that I was trying to contact originally. One of a kind customer service is hard to come by these days and she not only brought it but exceeded it and made my daughter feel very comfortable which isn’t always easy for someone with social anxiety!! I appreciate the experience and we will be returning for more classes!!!

Jeremy Reid: Awesome space, friendly and welcoming environment and a really good, hard workout! It’s great to workout your mind and body at the same time learning new moves/combos.

Christina Z: with a variety of classes. I took a class from Nina and she was awesome! 💯

Jon Avery Morales: Great place to work out! Very attentive, considerate, challenging and encouraging ❤️

celeste fassanella: LINDSEY!!! Absolute amazing human being

Madison McClement: I love going to this gym! Very beginner friendly to learn and get stronger. I would definitely reccomend trying it out. Sarah is an awesome manager there too! She makes you feel welcome

Douglas Starkebaum: Love the locker room!

Crosby Reisch: All the instructors are amazing! You always feel supported and challenged. I highly recommend!

Haley Mohr: Love going here, so many amazing instructors and the managers Katie and Sarah are always so welcoming and inclusive. Really enjoy being a part of this community!

Katie Gagner: Amazing gym, love the atmosphere everyone is so welcoming and helpful. Love doing kickboxing for cardio, it makes time go by fast and it's a full body workout as well! 100% recommend this gym to everyone

17. CrossFit Minneapolis - Minneapolis

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· 51 reviews

Parking lot, 1313 Chestnut Ave UNIT 110, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Address Website

18. Anytime Fitness - Prospect Park - East River Road

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· 147 reviews

2718 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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Anytime Fitness: what do users think?

Derek H: I did not expect to buy a gym membership here. Jason, the GM, he was well-spoken, compassionate, and genuine. I've been to a lot of gyms and signed up with a lot of people, but he made an impact on me. He wants to help you meet your goals and push you out of your comfort zone. I never felt pressured during the entire conversation. The gym is hand cleaned top to bottom by Jason. Have you ever heard of a GM cleaning their store by hand before? Jason takes his job seriously. It's never packed, and I feel like my goals, no matter how small, are recognized. I work at the Kim Nybo State Farm a few doors down, so it's a perfect location for me before work.

Adrianne Peterman: Had a great experiences at this gym! I am so excited to start going regularly. Jason the manager is really caring and passionate about this place and getting you to your goals not just physically but mentally.

Hly V Yang: All these bad reviews must have not met the new manager they just hired. He's got lots of tattoos. I was nervous at first, intimidated, but he was a super genuine guy and really made sure I understood what I was paying for. All these people who say they were "trapped" clearly didn't take time to read the fine print or ASK QUESTIONS! So far the new manager has been super friendly and nice and willing to work with your budget. Don't ask questions then you get bad results. Duh? ALSO if you look at some of the profiles who are leaving bad reviews.. almost ALL of their reviews are just bad reviews bashing companies.. seems suspicious if you ask me.. maybe those bad reviewers need to get off their high horse..

Nicholas Verderame: Super sicky gnar!

Teap San: Nice

Jay Jewson: Visiting Minneapolis from out of town. Gym is very well equipped and clean. Chase is on duty and very helpful!

Jane Smith: Anytime Fitness is a great gym! It is clean. Plenty of space to workout for everyone. Love the personal training sessions I signed up for. The AF trainers are challenging, knowledgeable, and encouraging.

arch0049: Making a new review after being a member for about a year. Still say five stars. The only knocks on this place I can think of are the parking situation and some of the members. It is in a densely populated urban area, the lot fills and parking is sparse from 330p-630p. There are many oddball members. None of them make the gym feel unsafe, they are just annoying. But back to the great parts of the gym, plenty of space, every piece of equipment you should expect from a 24 hour gym, new manager is just as great as long time manager that recently left, tons of classes, staff and cleaning contractor do a great job keeping it neat, and easy access from the freeway or on public transit and they have rearranged some equipment and added a deadlift platform in last few weeks. Place is still amazing, maybe even better than when I joined.

Michi Prigge: Jason runs a great training program and gym. He takes the time to get to know your individual goals and supports you through the entire process. Very much recommend this establishment

19. Phoenix Flight Pole & Aerial studio - Minneapolis

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· 20 reviews

2216 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

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Phoenix Flight Pole & Aerial studio: what do users think?

Vanessa Zins: I went to a bachelorette party event where we were introduced to the Lyra and silks. As someone who has never done either, I thought the instructor was incredible. She broke down the steps in such a simple way, and built every new move on the previous one. I am far from good at it, but it was a fun experience. It is a clean and cute studio. The staff at check-in were helpful and patient during waiver signing. Street parking was easy.

Heather R Swensen: Great studio. The street has parking and felt safe. The studio is clean and the environment is welcoming. Teacher was knowledgeable and made it fun! Highly Recommend.

Danielle Pebbles: I am in my second round of "Intro to Lyra".I liked it so much I wanted to try it again before I move to more advanced classes.I received an email before the class started on what the expectations were and how the class would be structured. The instructor I have had is Jane and they are just so wonderful and funny. Besides being very informative Jane was very patient and encouraging of everyone in class. It's for sure a challenge, but rewarding as well.this studio is adaptive for all body sizes and types which I so grateful for. Thank you for such a fun class. ❤️

Jaclyn Bohm: It was a lot of fun. Sienna was great at breaking down the moves for us who have never done this before.

Alyssa Taubin: I stopped here while traveling, and as someone who owns a studio and has visited over 50 other studios around the world, this was among the friendliest group of dancers I've ever walked into. I was immediately treated like a part of the studio community. I'd highly recommend this studio to any locals or visitors looking for a space that feels like home. Y'all are always welcome at Positive Spin in Seattle 3

Sandra Shepard: I was pretty nervous starting cause i have almost no real experience with areal or dance, but I have had such an amazing time. The studio is beautiful. The staff are kind and patient and fun. The students are all so supportive. I’m obsessed and I love that I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident!

Allie Reischl: Enjoyed my class with Elaine Fontaine! Had a blast moving and grooving with my friends.

Brittany Duncan: This place is amazing! The owner/instructor is amazing with making everyone feel super comfortable and welcoming. As a 1st time dancer myself she went out of her way to make me feel empowered in my body! If I could give her 10 more stars I would!

Jennifer Zabinski: Do you need a way to get some movement in your life with some positive people? Take a class here. It’s a great community. It’s inclusive, safe and friendly. My favorite classes are with Steven!! He makes you feel so welcome and appreciated.

Emily D: . If you're looking for a studio that feels more like a chosen family, I can't recommend Phoenix Flight more.

Leah Medina: Such a blast!

Annie Foster: I've been doing pole classes here for about 2 months and it's absolutely amazing. All the staff, and the people who take lessons, are super nice and helpful. Everyone just wants everyone else to have fun and work out at a level that's comfortable for their body. I would highly recommend coming here!

Remy Herrera: Was introduced to this place by an instructor, and was just told to try it out and stop in for an hour session. I have no prior dancing experience or even touched a pole before. Let me tell you I am blown away with the teachings I was given in the hour session! Very impressed with the skills and instruction given! Quite a workout too but very much needed☺ looking forward to fully signing up to continue learning with all the beautiful ladies that are within! 💖

Maddie Seymour: I would highly recommend to any and everyone in the Minneapolis area!

Shelby Geldon: All the teachers are super helpful!

20. TITLE Boxing Club Minneapolis Southwest - Kenny

Not verified


Not verified
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· 83 reviews

5450 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55419

Address Website WhatsApp
TITLE Boxing Club Minneapolis Southwest: what do users think?

Frank Parsons: "Small, crowd and overpriced"

Kate Resch: ever!!

Daniel Merkl: Trainers are great, workouts are fun and the atmosphere is awesome! Come check it out!

Hayeon Lee: Best Boxing club. Trainers are super nice and cool! I already learned so many thing within 2 months. Join us. You guys won’t regret it

Renee Richie: Great workout. Total body, fun, empowering. Instructors are fantastic!!

Mary Souder: Always friendly and welcoming. Super chill, no sales pressure. Good consistent coaching across coaches.

Melanie Brunner: I have been a member of Title for a few years and couldn’t recommend it enough! Each trainer has their own style so every class feels different. It’s fast-paced and challenging but accessible to people at all levels of fitness. Staff is super friendly and it’s a great community to be a part of!

Rohanna Jones: Love this gym! The workout is great and the community is super inviting and supportive. I wish I would have found them years ago. Can not recommend enough.

Alex Johnson: Started with no experience. Great for anybody looking for a fun and quick workout! Haylee and Mario are both great instructors!

Bia Jorgensen: Great instructors and staff! Clean and in a good location.

Jessica Clark: I have been a member here since June 2021 and joining was one of the best decisions I've made in a while. The staff and instructors are all so friendly! The workouts are fun, high energy and kick your butt in the best way! Great music, high energy and a ton of fun. They have done a great job being mindful of the ever changing COVID climate and do a great job following all safety / health measures. Great workout for all fitness levels. I'd highly recommend Title Boxing to anyone looking to mix up their normal workouts and wanting to push yourself to reach your fitness goals.

Tess: nice!

leslie tribbit: The experience is worth it and better than other any other gym i will continue to go

tomas monroy: It is an excellent place the best

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